We are passionate about…


   At The CITY Church we understand that all of us as individuals are on a journey of discovering more of who God is and what our relationship with           Him can be.  
Loving God to us means choosing to set aside time each week for church as a way to actively pursue Him, connect with others on the same journey, & be a part of other people discovering God through our Sunday services. 


  Having experienced the life changing love of God; The CITY Church is excited and passionate about sharing it with others. Whether we do that through our Sunday morning service, through  our daily interactions, through our community connection events, or through our Community Groups;  Loving People with joy and anticipation and without judgement is what motivates us.


   To The CITY Church, Changing the World means making a positive impact in our communities, our cultures and our 
daily interactions.
With compassionate hearts, empowered by the presence and power of Holy Spirit, we truly believe that the judgement-free, life-changing love of God brings positive change to our world and we’re excited to be a part of it!