Worship is the expression of respect and love to our unimaginably loving God.
As a worship team, our role is to serve our community by finding or writing songs that are relevant and expressive to them and their hearts.
We believe that worship goes both ways. It creates a way for people to share their hearts with God as well as  provides space for God to interact with us.
Everyone is free to raise their hands, clap, kneel, dance or cry as they respond to the presence of God. 
We encourage you to relax and engage at your own pace, even if that means not singing at all.
Worship Team members get to…
– use their gifts of music
– be a part of empowering the church to experience God through singing and praise
– explore new depths in their own worship experience
– go deeper in their own relationship with God
– help create a culture of honest praise and expression
– further explore their own musical gifts and be a part of others doing the same
Could you come to life sharing your musical gifts on the Worship Team?
If you’re interested in finding out more about this team, please contact our
Worship Director:
Ariel McReynolds

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