Prayer Ministry is one of the ways that we as a community get to do life together. Every Tuesday night during the end of the service, there’s the opportunity to have a trained person from our Prayer Team prayer with you.
We believe that God interacts with us in naturally supernatural ways through the Holy Spirit. We’re not interested in being weird or in creating dramatic scenes to be put on display.
Our desire is to create an environment that makes room for God’s love to break through. Out of His never-ending love for us, we can experience physical healing, emotional healing, renewal, restoration and so much more.
Those on our Prayer Team are passionate about connecting with God through prayer. They have gone through an empowering and practical training and have compassionate hearts to enter into prayer along side of you.


People on the Prayer Team get to…
– go through an interactive training that will equip them for life & for serving
– be a part of others experiencing the Holy Spirit first hand
– begin experiencing God in new ways
– pray throughout the week over the prayer requested from Tuesdays service
– experience growth in their personal interactions with God
– have opportunities go out to pray for and with our city
Would you come to life serving on the Prayer Team?
If you’re interested in finding out more about this team, please contact our
Prayer Team Director:
Susie Kosko

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