Impact Teams are what make The CITY Church function.
Living out the belief that, “Everyone gets to play;”
makes church a place where everyone can engage
using their own set of gifts and talents to make church work.
This allows everyone at The CITY Church to ask themselves
this very exciting and personal question:
“Where do I want my fingerprints to make an impact?”


Our Hospitality Team is there to create an inviting and welcoming atmosphere.
They assist in any way they can; greeting people as they come to church, helping to direct families with children to our CITY Kids area, locating the restrooms or showing you where you can find our complimentary coffee. 

 CITY Kids

(Infants – 5th Grade)
During the church service we offer “City Kids” as a place where children get to connect with Jesus in an environment that is geared towards them. They will get to experience singing songs, playing games, praying together, and hearing lessons that are suited just for them.

 CITY Youth

(Grades 6th – 12th)
Sunday’s at the 10:30 service.  
City Youth have a discussion on the message from the adult service.  They have time to share and be taught more about Jesus.


While there are many different forms of worship; experiencing God through singing is central to the heart of The CITY Church. 
People are free to raise their hands, clap, kneel, dance or cry as they respond to the presence of God. We encourage you to relax and engage at your own pace, even if that means not singing at all.


Prayer Ministry at The CITY Church is excited about loving people and changing the world through the power of prayer. During each Tuesday night service we have well-trained and compassionate people available to pray with you and can be a resource for you to encounter the power of Holy Spirit in new ways.